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23 Mei 2013

Lowongan Kerja JOB Pertamina-Talisman (Ogan Komering)

Talisman energyJOB Pertamina-Talisman (Ogan Komering) Ltd. merupakan salah satu KKKS dalam bentuk Joint Operating Body antara PT. Pertamina (Persero) dengan Talisman Energy, Canada yang beroperasi di wilayah kerja Blok Ogan Komering di Kabupaten Ogan Komering Ulu, Ogan Ilir dan Muara Enim, Propinsi Sumatera Selatan dengan luas wilayah kerja 1.155 km2. Kontrak pertama kali ditandatangani antara Pertamina dan Canada Northwest Energy (South Sumatera) Ltd. tanggal 29 Februari 1988 untuk jangka waktu 30 tahun, dan berakhir 28 Februari 2018. Setelah terjadi perubahan PI, pemegang Operatorship saat ini adalah Pertamina-Talisman (OK) Ltd.

Wilayah Kerja Blok Ogan Komering terletak ± 200 km ke arah selatan dari kota Palembang, Sumatera Selatan dan dapat ditempuh dengan kendaraan darat (mobil) sekitar 4 jam.

Kegiatan eksplorasi telah dimulai pada tahun 1989 dan menemukan hidrokarbon pada sumur Air Serdang-1 diikuti oleh pemboran sumur Mandala-1. Kemudian lapangan Air Serdang dinyatakan sebagai lapangan komersial pada tanggal 21 November 1992. Eksplorasi sumur Guruh-1 dilakukan pada tahun 1991 dan menemukan hidrokarbon, kemudian lapangan Guruh dinyatakan komersial pada tanggal 22 Juli 1993.

Produksi pertama JOB Pertamina-Talisman (Ogan Komering) Ltd. dimulai 01 Desember 1992 sebesar 112 barel dan mencapai produksi puncaknya pada tahun 1998 dengan produksi minyak sebesar 20.000 BOPD.

  1. Vacancy : 1 person
  2. Work Location : Setiabudi Atrium, South Jakarta
  3. Job Specification
    Bachelor Degree (S1) of petroleum engineering or mining engineering with at least 12-15 years experience in operations department
  4. Job Summary
    Arrange the planning, implementation, and supervision include activity of target determining to Production Engineering/ Production Operation Engineering and technical service support at field which oriented in life environment, work health and safety to be appropriate with company’s purpose
  5. Main Duties & Responsibilities
    • To plan, implement, and prepare a target and purpose, supervise activity of engineering operations, and provide support to engineering personnel and field production operation.
    • To plan and supervise specification preparation of production equipment by consultation with engineering personnel and production operation before
    • Coordinate and plan operational budget and production budget; and preparation of AFE (CAPEX and OPEX)
    • Identify a probability in order to increase operation efficiency and ask someone to conduct an evaluation studies of methods, procedures, and alternative technology according to good oil fields engineering practices
    • Evaluate probability of new technology which related to method, concept, and strategy implementation
    • Guide a carrier development of subordinate
    • Propose suggestions to team concept in undertaking work, exploiting opportunities, and problem solving
    • Planning and implementation of target and purpose
    • Operation and production budget planning
    • Responsible for implementing HSE policies and are accountable for the result of HSE performance, that listed in company HSE policy
  1. Vacancy : 1 person
  2. Work Location : Setiabudi Atrium, South Jakarta
  3. Job Specification
    • Industrial Engineering degree or equivalent (Chemical or Process preferred, Mechanical or Applied Physics)
    • 5 - 10 year experience Upstream and/or Downstream oil and gas
    • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to mentor peers and work as a team member and leader in influencing risk management decisions
    • Excellent communication skills, both written and spoken in English
  4. Specific to roles
    • Strong knowledge of HSE management systems and technical competence
    • Ability to coordinate HSE activity plan ensuring cross discipline inputs to the plan
    • Very strong technical competence in technical safety deliverables and processes
    • Ability in facilitating and conducting qualitative risk assessments, including HAZOP, HAZID, SIL and other Process Hazard Assessments
    • Ability to produce formal technical reports, Safety/HSE Cases and other small project deliverables on time and to budget
    • Previous experience in contractor HSE management system and ability to provide HSE guidance for contractor evaluations/audits
    • Understanding in ISO14001/OHSAS18001 programs
    • Experience in coordinating environmental management plan implementation and monitoring
    • Experience in developing or providing support on emergency preparedness plan implementation and oil spill contingency plan
  1. Vacancy : 1 person
  2. Work Location : Air Serdang Site, Ogan Komering Ulu, South Sumatera
  3. Requirement
  4. Job Specification
    Diploma Degree (D3), with min. 8 years experience in material control or more than 10 years experience in Oil and Gas company
  5. Job Summary
    Manage, maintain, and control of required material inventory for support company’s operation and fill an order of user’s functions
  6. Main Duties & Responsibilities
    • Control and make a note of all activity in material field i.e.: make a note to inventory, maintain, and deliver materials according to the request
    • Check and legalizing of supply’s documents according to the authority
    • Prepare material to re-exported
    • Coordinate material control or inspection in warehouse with Finance Staff
    • Prepare an activity report in material field periodic, detail, and neatly
    • Give example and exercise to subordinate, in order to perform their task accurately and efficiently
    • Maintenance and delivery of material
    • Arrangement of activities report in material field
    • Preparation of material to be exported
    • Responsible for implementing HSE policies and are accountable for the result of HSE performance, that listed in company HSE policy
  1. Vacancy : 1 person
  2. Work Location : Setiabudi Atrium, South Jakarta
  3. Job Specification
    Bachelor degree (S1) of Law, with at least 5 years experience in import and export or legal in oil and gas company. Capable for create or translate an agreement based on law, both for goods purchase and service purchase using Indonesia or English language
  4. Main Duties & Responsibilities
    • Prepare, develop, and update system and revision of company contract
    • Check and correct documents of contract before tender
    • Prepare formality documents as required for arrangement of material custom, transportation, handling and storage of explosive, arrangement of custom for import/export and other goods according to the regulation that apply
    • Organize all formality archive, document, and file consecutively
    • Prepare correspondence as required
    • Build a relationship with other parties, other institution, or Regional Government around company operational location
    • To review and draft to contracts and all matters related to Production Sharing Contract (PSC)
    • Engaged in completion of dispute including taxes, manpower, land clearance and damage claim and others based on corporation legal aspects.
    • Responsible for implementing HSE policies and are accountable for the result of HSE performance, that listed in company HSE policy
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